Portland Ghostbusters


Portland ghostbusters cosplay charity group

Produced by Samantha Swindler

Filmed during the Portland Ghostbusters’ appearances at the premiere screenings of Ghostbusters: Afterlife for The Oregonian newspaper and website, this video includes interviews with various group members as they talk about what the group does and what drew them to Ghostbusters.

Ghostbusters: Afterlife Ecto-goggles

Produced DJ Switch

A Ghostbusters fan his ENTIRE LIFE, DJ Switch had to call in a few favors to build his very first WORKING pair of Ecto Goggles just in time for the opening weekend of Ghostbusters: Afterlife!

Portland ghostbusters birthday adventure

Produced by Shawn Marshall

When Raiden’s home is threatened by spooky apparitions, who ya gonna call? The Portland Ghostbusters!¬†Created for Raiden’s birthday party, this took around 22 hours to complete (finishing just an hour before the party), assembling cell phone video from three different sources. Shawn built the 3D animations in Cinema 4D, created and composited shots in After Effects, and edited the video in Premiere Pro, spotting in music and sound effects.

Portland ghostbusters montage 2020

Produced by Shawn Marshall

Created for the Portland Ghostbusters’ smash appearance at the Oregon Symphony for its performance of the score to Ghostbusters, this video starts with a 3D animation inserting memorable settings and characters from Ghostbusters into a Portland landmark. A dynamic photo montage then presents highlights of the group’s many charity and community appearances.